Our HistoryExpertise drives INNOVATION

2013 – Our Founder

High Country’s founder, Clay Thomson, began working in the electrical construction industry in 1988. As his career progressed, he developed extensive experience constructing large, high-voltage electrical projects. In 2013, Clay founded High Country Line Construction Inc. (High Country) in Morgan, Utah. As president, Clay quickly grew the company from the ground up, focusing on providing a full range of capabilities related to transmission, distribution, and substation construction. 

2015 – High Country Joins MYR Group

In 2015, High Country was acquired by MYR Group, becoming a strong player on EPC projects throughout the western United States. The company has expertise in the use of helicopters to aid in construction, working on environmentally sensitive projects, and creating innovative construction techniques for complex projects. 

2019 – Clean Energy Transformation

High Country’s crew completed the Sloan Canyon Switchyard and Transmission Line in 2019. This involved installing 72 miles of optical ground wire (OPGW) between Pahrump and Boulder City. As part of the larger Sloan Canyon Improvement Project, the work was designed to improve grid reliability and open Southwest Nevada to renewable energy developers. 

Today and Tomorrow

As a premier member of MYR Group, we have the financial, managerial, labor, and equipment expertise and resources to successfully complete electrical installations of any type and size throughout the western United States. 

We are committed to positively impacting the world around us while partnering with our clients to deliver sustainable solutions. We have an inherent obligation to strive for top-tier environmental and social practices that affect the communities where we live and serve. By emphasizing our critical role in the clean energy transformation, we contribute to a more sustainable future for all.