Substation ConstructionPlacing our clients’ best interest at the core of everything we do 

Delivering optimal,
turnkey substation solutions  

High Country has a strong history of successfully managing and constructing electrical substations and switchyards in the most challenging conditions and environments. Working side-by-side with our clients, we anticipate needs and deliver innovative solutions to ensure superior project execution. We have constructed numerous high-voltage substations, switching stations, and interconnect stations from 34.5kV to 765kV for public and private clients. 

Our suite of electrical construction services provides our clients with complete turnkey services, including project management support, material procurement and management, quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC), outstanding safety performance, testing and commissioning, and final job closeout. 

Providing safe
& secure foundation construction 

A successful project begins with a solid, safe, and secure foundation. High Country has extensive project experience in constructing all types of foundations in a variety of environments such as pull-offs, switch houses, bus supports, and transformer pads with containment ponds. We are appropriately equipped with the required heavy equipment for even the most difficult projects. 

We are proud of our workforce, which is made up of skilled team members with long-standing relationships who ensure quality while adhering to the highest safety measures in difficult conditions. 

Properly positioned for long-term success   

Our customers expect superior project execution, and we strive always to deliver to these standards. From collector systems and switchyards to engineering and bus work, our depth of expertise, skillset, and resources help bring any project vision to life. Our teams are well-versed in performing substation work under the engineer-procure-construct (EPC) project delivery method. 

We work closely with clients to take a comprehensive approach to planning, executing, and commissioning every project. This collaboration has enabled us to build solid, long-standing partnerships with our valued clients.