Transmission ConstructionCreating electrical connections that power our future 

An experienced partner delivering large, complex transmission projects 

High Country is a premier electrical contractor delivering project success from preconstruction to project closeout. We provide the critical upgrades and installations needed to replace aging infrastructure and enhance grid reliability. Our far-reaching skillset encompass the design, construction, and maintenance of energized and de-energized transmission facilities up to 765kV.

We provide complete transmission construction services in-house, from boring holes to finishing foundations, setting steel poles, and pulling wire. Our line workers are uniquely skilled at working with helicopters to aid construction as well as installing optical ground wire (OPGW). We get tough jobs because we are experienced with every type of structure, foundation, voltage, and terrain. We partner with and manage subcontractors in accordance with project requirements and provide labor and equipment resources for projects of all sizes and scopes. 

As a subsidiary of MYR Group, High Country possesses the financial, managerial, labor, and equipment expertise and resources to successfully complete electrical installations of any type and size throughout the United States. 

Creating energized connections   

As an industry leader, we take pride in developing our transmission capabilities to further address our client’s needs in the ever-changing electrical construction climate. With the growing demand for comprehensive, live line capabilities, we are committed to our clients’ success through our growing capabilities.  

Our teams are highly trained and experienced in providing energized construction and maintenance services on high-voltage transmission lines and other equipment, which avoids the disruption of power on our utility clients’ systems. We have completed a variety of live line projects throughout the United States ranging in all sizes and requirements. Our collaborative partnerships with clients ensure we successfully meet the needs of the project and the stakeholders. 

At High Country, we play an important role in building a clean energy future   

We construct and maintain critical electrical systems that power our nation, an expertise our skilled teams have refined. From electrical infrastructure upgrades to transmission and substation interconnect work for wind and solar farms, we leverage our skilled team of experts to install the infrastructure needed to connect these renewable energy resources to our power grid. As companies across the globe evolve in how they produce and consume energy, and strive to meet decarbonization and clean energy goals, we play a significant role in building the associated infrastructure needed to deliver it to the grid.