Pillars of Our Safety Program

Unrivaled Management Support

Leaders play a crucial role in developing and maintaining an ideal safety culture. High Country Line’s management and supervisory personnel make significant investments in equipment, tools, PPE and training to inspire and empower employees to take responsibility for their own actions and those of their co-workers. In addition, effective safety leadership also ensures that safety rules are consistently and fairly enforced; work conditions don’t compromise employees’ safety; adequate time is spent on the front-lines interacting with employees; employees are actively involved in managing safety efforts; and ensuring that all safety programs are in place and effective.

High Degree of Employee Involvement

High Country Line’s overall safety success depends on participation from everyone in the company. Unless employees feel empowered and supported and know that their actions and behavior make a positive difference, it is difficult to expect complete adherence to a safety program. Our employees are involved at many levels, from performing inspections, participating in safety observation programs, attending safety conferences, conducting training, engaging in speaking opportunities, serving on company safety committees and participating in industry organizations that focus on workplace safety.
Having the power to directly influence positive change and behavior is great motivation for supporting and upholding safety policies, practices and procedures; and is a main cultural characteristic of High Country Line.

Examples of Innovative Company Programs

Worksite Analysis
Supervisors begin the day by conducting a daily job briefing with all employees and subcontractors, and two-way dialogue is encouraged among supervisory staff and employees to ensure understanding of work tasks, potential hazards and mitigation plans.

Corporate programs, hazard prevention and control:
: 60 Seconds for Safety is a weekly newsletter distributed to all employees that highlights a timely safety topic, our weekly overall safety performance, and individual and group recognition for outstanding safety performance.

“Everyone – Everyday – Everywhere, Our People Make the Difference,” is a corporate program introduced in 2012 that highlights, educates and encourages the importance of the personal role we must all take when it comes to safety. The best training, programs and PPE alone aren’t enough to keep our people safe. Taking safety to the next level requires a personal dedication and commitment by every single employee to make safety the top priority at all times. The program consists of training, communication pieces and incentive programs that center around the six elements associated with personal responsibility for safety, as derived from the word “PEOPLE”: Plan, Execute, Observe, Personal, Learn and Evolve.

Incentive Programs
Large Project Safety Incentive Program – This program was developed to recognize and reward exemplary group and individual safety performance and involvement of field personnel on large projects. The program is managed by each project’s safety committee which is formed at the beginning of each project and consists of field personnel and management representatives. The committee’s primary purpose is to manage this program and oversee, monitor and set guidelines for overall project safety functions.

SQP: Safety, Quality and Performance Program – This plan establishes targets in the three areas of safety, quality and performance which are communicated to employees at the beginning of each subject project. Upon a project’s completion, performance metrics are evaluated against established goals. We have experienced success in the overall performance of every project that has utilized this program.